Inspiration Exchange & Cheap Thrills Film Festival

Third Angel presents an


Hillsborough Library

12 midday – 4pm Saturday 9th July

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Where do ideas come from? And more importantly, which ones stick around and turn into something? What are the ideas, objects, phrases, images, texts or thoughts that have inspired you in the past or continue to inspire you?

Third Angel’s Alexander Kelly would like to have a conversation with you, and do you a swap: idea for idea, inspiration for inspiration. Throughout the 5 hour duration of the Exchange we will swap a personal catalogue of inspiration for an eclectic, multi-contributor library of ideas, incidents and events.

So join us in the Hillsborough Park Library for an Inspiration Exchange: just drop in for as long or short a time as you would like, swap a story or just listen, as we follow a trail to see what unexpected places we end up in when we share our inspiration.


Cheap Thrills zero budget film festival

Hillsborough Childrens Library

Sunday 10th July 11am onwards


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12pm – Children’s movies

1pm – Amazing movies

2pm – Sheffield, in SPACE

3pm – Trimming Pablo and Q&A with Director (for more info please see below)

4pm – International films

5pm – Children’s Films

6pm – Amazing Movies

7pm – Sheffield, in SPACE

8pm – International Films

Cheap Thrills zero budget film festival was started in 20 11, as a joke. There are so many very serious film festivals in Sheffield, that we thought there was room for one that was irreverent, unimportant, and fun. We aim to serve two types of filmmaker, the filmmaker who makes movies for the love of it, and receives no funding, and people who have never made a film before. It turned out to be a rather good joke, and we have held festivals every year since. T here are four rules.

• Films must be short

• The only source of budget must be the filmmaker themselves

• Films must be family friendly.

• Films must be entertaining, a rule all film festivals should adopt.

We charge no entrance fee, we do not take ourselves seriously, some films may be deemed silly, others works of genius, we hope to inspire you to make a movie yourself.  We have been described as the strangest Jewel in Sheffield’s cultural crown, come and decide for yourself.


Trimming Pablo – Tim Newton


In December 1950 Pablo Picasso spent a few hours in Sheffield attending the abortive Peace Conference at the City Hall where he gave a short speech, visited a café and went to a barber to have his hair trimmed. T his brief visit was first elaborated upon by Dave Sheasby in a radio drama and stage play, and in 20 13 he adapted these works into a screenplay that was made into a film by director Tim Newton. This beautiful and poignant short film, luminously shot in black and white gives a possible explanation of what actually happened. Director Tim Newton will be with us at HillsFest to screen his film and then take part in a Q &A session hosted by Jon Bridle, a screenwriting lecturer at Sheffield Hallam University.

Download the programme here PROGRAMME IMAGE