In the Park

Alongside the 5 zones we will have a range of activities and performances across the park and beyond.

Captain Jackdaw and the Rumbucket present their Circus Side Street Show


Featuring terrifying Whip Cracking! See incredible Fire Eating! Gasp in awe at seeming unsufferance on the Bed of Nails – and enjoy close encounter with DANGER! Bring damp towels and parasol – it’s getting toasty at Hillsfest 2016!

Lizzy Owl

Watch out for a Sleepy Owl wandering around – he’s a night owl so any question you ask him in daylight will get a really silly answer! Can you help guide him to his roost?

Peace Pole

“Peace poles have been placed in over 180 countries including the North Pole and the Hiroshima Memorial in Japan. Each pole has inscribed the message ‘May peace prevail’ in the language of that country and then 5 additional translations. Often they are erected as a response to local issues of injustice.

Our peace pole is temporary but we hoping to capture your messages/symbols of peace in as many languages as we can. The decoration has already been started by the Boys Brigade of Hillsborough Tabernacle Church so please come and add to it” Suzanne Nockles, Minister, Tabernacle Church, Hillsborough.

Stuart Faulkner – A one man band with a difference

On the tram, outside the cathedral, down Hillsborough high street, you never know where the enigma that is Stuart Faulkner will be.  Watch out for him dragging unwary members of the public off to Hillsfest.

Hillsborough Heritage Tour

Sunday 10th July 11am Hillsborough Barracks

Ron Clayton was made in Brier Street, Hillsborough some time before the 11th August 1952 and is a well known local historian and author of three books on Sheffield 6 and its history. A frequent local media commentator, correspondent and revitalised Wednesdayite with a interest in proper pubs Sheffield Castle and many other things. He is providing a quiz on Hillsborough’s heritage and is leading a tour around Hillsborough Barracks on Sunday the 10th July. Meet at the Hillsborough Interchange at 11 am and finishing at 1pm so that participants can attend the afternoon’s events in the Park on the second day of Hillsfest.

Catch Big Ron on Twitter ronclayton@loxleybottomsi


Art Boat – Fantastical birds


Children from five schools in Hillsborough have been busy designing Fantastical Birds to hang in the trees in Hillsborough Park during Hillsfest. Over the next few weeks pupils from Malin Bridge, Marlcliffe, Wisewood, Hillsborough and Forge Valley Schools will be working with Soo and Charlie from Artboat to turn their designs into large, magical, colourful 3d birds using willow, tissue paper and a myriad of collage materials.

Download the programme here PROGRAMME IMAGE