Graff Spiral

The Graff Spiral is an exposition celebrating the dynamic street art of Sheffield. It is a substantial painted, sculptural installation, the structure designed by students from the department of Structural Engineering at the University of Sheffield, under the guidance of Professor Rachel Horn, local sculptor Anthony Bennett, structural engineers ARUP, who have been providing support to the teams, advising on practical forms of construction and fundamental design principles, and Street artist Mila K. Five groups of 6 students competed to design a structure which could be manufactured easily by volunteers, to a tight budget, which would be structurally sound, and which would optimise surface area to facilitate graffiti art. Curated by Mila K, nine of the most exciting up and coming Sheffield street artists will create a symbolic collaborative artwork evoking the spirit of resurgence, vitality, creativity and optimism for the community of Hillsborough.

The Artists

Jim McElvaney, Eugene Booms, Marcus Method, Trik09, Nazusk, Mila K, Rob Lee, Mikk Murray, Aliss Curtis

The Design



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“Arup have been providing support to the teams, advising on practical forms of construction, fundamental design principles and structural details.”

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